Thursday, 18 December 2008

NY gov. seeks tax hike on hedge funds, luxury goods - Reuters

Reuters - Dec 16, 2008
David Paterson on Tuesday proposed to expand personal income tax for non-residents to include income from hedge funds and management fees, ...
New York Proposes Increased Taxes On Hedge Funds FINalternatives
New York Governor David Paterson turns on Wall Street with tax plan
NY Gov. Proposes 5% Luxury Tax on High-end Jewelry
Bloomberg - Reuters
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Cyprus standing tall
In the midst of the credit crunch, one might wonder where the most popular places are around the world to invest. The...

UBP confirms $700 million exposure in Madoff case: report - Reuters

UBP confirms $700 million exposure in Madoff case: report
Reuters - 6 hours ago
The Geneva-based bank that invests in funds of hedge funds denounced the "massive fraud" but said its exposure was less than 1 percent of its portfolio, ...
In Geneva, Spotlight Casts an Unwelcome Glare on Banks Wall Street Journal
SCAM bites Gulf Daily News
Reichmuth Warns Investors of $330 Million in Madoff Losses Bloomberg
International Herald Tribune - Seattle Times
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