Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The local picture

When it comes to the property market, the question of location has been repeatedly cited as being a crucial one in de...
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Climate-proofing Alpine options
Those investing in Alpine property in France will tend to do so with the aim of getting good rental returns from wint...
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BBC Blog Network - bbc
Cheers for the nod. Am not particularly biased politicaly, and to be honest I don't think any party at the moment is coming up with anything sensible either economicaly or ...
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Bank practices putting housing associations at risk, MPs told - Guardian Unlimited
The Treasury and housing minister Margaret Beckett are to warn banks that their lending practices are risking the viability of housing associations. They are preparing a dossier ...
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Cyprus standing tall
In the midst of the credit crunch, one might wonder where the most popular places are around the world to invest. The...
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Brad Zurich said...

I would like to share some news that I have found that confirms that Cyprus property is not all that hunky dory. Read below

The long-term investment rating and prospects for Cyprus are also looking very shaky. In November on this year, the influential Global Property Guide published its Country Investment Ratings for 69 locations around the world.

Languishing near the bottom of the list at position 65 out of 69 is Limassol in Cyprus with a “Very Poor” gross rental yield of 3.45% and a long term investment rating of 1 star.

Thanks, http://www.theminthishills.com