Thursday, 18 December 2008

No sitting down on the investment job

Those keen on investing in property and unfamiliar with the trade may have illusions that the business does not requi...

Ignore the excuses here are the signals showing disaster on the way (Daily Telegraph)
The looming crash of 2008 was a juggernaut with its headlights on and horn blaring writes Jeff Randall.

Commercial Property (TrustNet)
Commercial Property investment property has long fascinated private investors. Unlike many other types of investment, such as shares and bonds, property is a tangible asset: if you own a property â€" or a slice of one â€" you can go and see your investment.

Protestors vow to fight on in Winchester homes battle - This is Southampton
THE CONTROVERSIAL building of thousands of new homes in the Hampshire countryside has moved a step closer. A plan that paves the way for 2,000 new homes to be built on the edge of ...

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